Karen Traeger presented at the Cobb County Bar Association - Dec 12, 2013

The average American law firm receives payment 120 days after an invoice is sent and the average amount collected from a four month-old invoice is only 73% of the total amount due, according to the Commercial Law League of America. This means almost one-third of the work that’s done for late-paying clients . . . is being done FOR FREE! Wouldn’t you rather get paid for all of the work you do?  

Karen Traeger of Worry-Free Receivables presented at the December meeting for the Business Law & Litigation Section of the Cobb County Bar Association about "10 simple steps that will improve your bottom line". Karen helps her clients improve their bottom line by collecting more invoices while they are still current.

Karen shared how aging receivables are costing money and her simple steps will improve the bottom line by at least 15% . . . without landing more clients or billing more hours.